It has been a balmy +10°C over here in Canada and the city feels alive again! The world is officially thawing out which has called for some serious spring cleaning mapped out on the job list! Does anyone else get this way? 

If you haven't already hopped on the Marie Kondo organization train, now is the time! Don't worry. We aren't asking you to revamp your entire house. We like to keep things simple and we all know life could use a little joy sparked here and there. ;)

Here are 3 ways we like to recover from looooong winters.



Weird place to start? Probably. But trust us on this one, you will want to start from the bottom up. 

Chances are you have mini pebbles and dirt accumulating in all corners of your home - especially if you coexist with children. (The gum boots have been put to good use this past week.) It gets tracked everywhere and ain't nobody got time for that! 

The best start is to wash your rugs, sweep, vacuum, mop, and even professionally clean your carpets if you have the budget. I have a friend who even hands her toddlers cleaning toothbrushes and disinfectant wipes to let them scrub the floor boards and walls.

It makes a big difference!



There is nothing better for your home than being able to crack the windows open again without freezing. Breathe it all in! Get outside, enjoy the sunshine, take pictures of the pretty little dead things that are slowly springing back to life, add some fresh flowers to your table, and enjoy some fresh air!

Nature is the best medicine.



Hibernation is generally meant for a little bit of lazy coupled with a few extra unwanted pounds. Hard truth! If you're in this boat, you're not alone! You won't have the energy to tackle new projects or stay motivated with your goals if you aren't first and foremost looking after yourself.

Get ready for your day with a shower and a little less dry shampoo. I know, I know - another hard truth there. Throw on a smidge of makeup once in a while! Enjoy a good workout and wind down at the end of the week with a nice bubble bath. You earned it! 

The world needs your best self and so does your crew so remember to take care of YOU.

Happy Spring, everyone! 🌿☀️

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