We have some exciting news and we included it in Remi's duffel reveal this week!

The secret is out and we are expecting our sweet little rainbow baby in August 2019! To say Remi is excited is an understatement. She reveals a baby product from her duffel and it was hilarious seeing how many baby products people came up with in the guesses!!

We are all a little through the roof but check out this video and how cute she is at scripting things on her own. I was cracking up!


We have found out the gender is a little girl! I know Remi will be an amazing big sister but I'm so excited for her to show another little lady the ropes! She was pretty set on a little brother and when the ultrasound tech revealed the gender she said, 

"Well? You get what you get and you don't get upset." 😂😂

I think it has started to grow on her now, especially when she realizes all that they will get to share.

My shirt's too big? That can be for the baby sister. 

I don't read that book much anymore? Definitely for the baby sister.

I love it and although it's going to be a long summer, our crew is pumped to welcome this new addition we have been waiting so long for!

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